Event Planning

Simply let us know your wants, needs, and expectations, and we will plan with you each detail of your evening. Planning the quantities, product purchases, advice about the evening’s management, materials needed etc. We take upon us the totality your evening. Let us guide you.

Bar Personnel

Avec Flair – Mouvements Nocturnes is a team with quite an extensive amount of bar management expertise. We are all professionals of the bar and service industry with a capacity to adapt to any type of event or crowd. Our staff consists of mixologist bartenders, flair bartenders, waiters/waitresses, hosts/hostesses, DJs, photographers, and project managers. Members of our team are judiciously chosen through precise criteria such as professionalism, interpersonal skills, personality and dynamism.


We dispose of a complete bar kit for events: bars, bar materials, glasses, bar mats, cocktails kits etc. We also have access to all kinds of materials on demand: sound systems, photo booths, karaoke, stages etc.


We offer our clients 14 pre-defined cocktails. Some of these cocktails are part of the classic cocktail list, while others have been revisited. These cocktails form a base for our clients and give an idea of our savoir-faire. For a more personalized service, our mixology bartenders can create specific cocktails for your event. In order to guide those who are more undecided, we have created three formulas, presented below: Classic, Priviledge, and Made in Quebec.


Choice of 3 cocktails
from the “Classic”


Creation of specific
original cocktails for
your event.

Made in Québec

Bar service including solely alcohols
and soft drinks from Quebec producers.